Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Ah yes, another week has come and gone, and another summer is just about over. Next week is Labor Day already. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago I was posting about Memorial Day.

In this blog post we're going to discover together what comics have gone longer than 7 weeks between issues. They might be late, they might be on-time, they might be dangerous... oh wait, that last one is the Tick.

The Big Two publishers didn't make my cut this week, although they both had a couple that were only one week off - having previous issues come out 7/18, while my cutoff start date this week was 7/11 - so they lucked out. However I am sure that in the coming weeks they won't escape my list of lateness! In fact, there wasn't anyone who came close to my date. Most of the comics this week had the previous issues release in June or earlier. So prepare yourself, as you find out What You've Been Waiting For!

Kiss 4K #3 (Platinum Studios) comes out this week. The last issue of this one hit shelves back on June 27th. This was ordered in May, so it looks to be late.

Wasteland #11 (Oni Press) also arrives this week. The previous issue of this comic came out back on June 20th. Now, it was ordered in June, so it might not be late.

Jonnie Allan's Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman #3 finally comes out this week. Issue #2 came out back on May 31st. I have spoken with Jonnie and he says that he did plan for these comics to have about 8 weeks between issues. He also tells me that his Diamond representative informed him that they had this issue in the warehouse a couple of weeks ago. This is one of the problems the small press publishers face with Diamond, sadly. In fact, it might be part of the lateness problem with any of the comics on this week's list.

So, what comic gets the honor of having the longest gap between issues this week? Enigma Cipher #2. The previous issue of this came out back on November 22, 2006. That's about 9 months ago, for those of you keeping track. I liked the first issue of this - it is an interesting concept and the story was well written. But I don't like the wait between issues. Maybe this should have been solicited after both issues were done, or as a graphic novel instead of a two-issue series. Anyone who read the first one has probably lost track of it, and might not remember much of the details of the story by now. It really is a shame when this happens to one of the good indie books.

Now, something different- what have you NOT been waiting for... Walking Dead #41 (Image). Issuse #40 just came out last week, and it had a gap between those issues. I guess to make up for the long delay between issues 39 & 40, they decided to rush #41. Let me just say that this is NOT the answer to lateness. It's one of my several "knock it off" sentiments I have for publishers (I'll share the rest of those in another upcoming post).

What I'm reading this week...

TEEN TITANS #50 - LOTS of great talent on this one as it begins the transition to Sean McKeever as ongoing writer. Can't Wait!!!

Now remember everyone, this week comics should still arrive on Wednesday, but next Monday is Labor Day in the US, so the comics will be here on Thursday NEXT WEEK, Sept. 5.

Click here for a complete list of what we're getting in at Neptune tomorrow. Make your list, check it twice, and tomorrow go get yourself some comics! Oh, and toys too - lots of toys arriving this week. And graphic novels, don't for get those.


antony said...

For the record, WASTELAND #11 wasn't late. We took a 'skip month', as we've done before and will continue to do so when needed in the future.

We've always been very upfront about this - better to not solicit for a month and deliver when promised, than keep soliciting and ship issues late.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the clarification Antony. I didn't think it was late, based on when we ordered it. This is just one of those comics that comes out every few months.

antony said...

Well, to be fair, no. it comes out every month... except when we skip a month, which is about once every four issues. We do actually run to a very tight and orderly schedule :)