Friday, September 14, 2007

More Baltimore Stuff

Just to make Ben from AZ jealous, here's the rest of our Baltimore freebie stuff.

I got to meet Terry Moore! He seemed like a very nice guy. Too bad I had to give him the bad news that Diamond didn't have the Volume 1 of Strangers in Paradise in stock. But, it must have worked, because it's back in stock at Diamond now, so I can order some of them for the store.

Aparently there were three different Mouse Guard figures they were giving away. Somehow we only got the one. Must be because we weren't as greedy as some of the rest. (I will try to post the story about that today)

If you're interested in any of this let us know. Otherwise it's going to end up on eBay. Well, maybe not the Terry Moore signed art - I might frame that and put it up in the store.

1 comment:

Ben from AZ said...

Keeeee-ripes! Next time you go to Baltimore, I'm taggin' along!