Thursday, September 27, 2007


UPDATE: Thanks to Kurt K. who brought in a copy of The Office!! He's bringing us Smallville too - since we also missed that. THANKS KURT!

Apparently the three strikes of lightening this afternoon were enough to mess up my TiVo tonight and when we got home it was frozen up and didn't record any of The Office and there were two minutes left of the show.

So, I'm hoping and begging that someone recorded it and can send me a copy. We were looking forward to the show as something fun to lighten up an otherwise dark week, so you can imagine how disappointed I was to find out we didn't even have that work out.

And also, if you have some Holy Water or voodoo dolls or sage for a smudging or prayers or ANYTHING that will lift this bad mojo I've got going right now I sure could use it. This streak of bad luck is just unprecedented. I've never been overly lucky, but I've never had so many things fail, break down, and just not work out, ever.

The sun has GOT to come out tomorrow, right??

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Scott KIng said...

You should be able to watch it at or amazon.