Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nostalga Time!

Have you heard of Rona Barett? Did you know she was a "Hollywood insider" in the 1970's with a magazine called, "Rona Barett's Hollywood?" Well, if you don't remember, then you were probably born during or after the 1980's.

In our collection of silver age treasures I found a copy of Rona Barett Hollywood Volume 10 number two October 1972, featuring a story about the death of Elvis Presley one year later. Even though it's not even 30 years later yet, it was so funny to look through that I just had to scan some bits and put them on my Flickr page, and my blog. They're just too much fun, and after a nice, long weekend I figured I'd start out by sharing some fun nostalga.

Isn't Andy Gibb Sooo dreamy?

Sears stepping up to censor Three's Company because it's too racy for TV viewers.

Carrie Fisher in the late 70's - looking pretty young. Well, all three are looking pretty young. And don't they know it's not Star Wars II, it's Episode V?

Liz Taylor - another husband on the way? They have no idea! And how about Travolta - getting ready to fly away.

The first page of the Elvis story. The rest is, like I said, on my Flickr page. Check them out.

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