Thursday, September 13, 2007

Superpowers Sneak Peak

At the end of the Diamond Retail Summit they have a huge room filled with publishers, game makers, etc - almost a mini-convention. People give tons of stuff away to help promote what they've got coming out.

At the Dynamite Entertainment booth they were handing out these. Preview books for "Superpowers" a comic drawn by Alex Ross and written by Jim Krueger. I believe Ross is just doing the "concepts" for the art - mainly sketches and suggestions, and then another artist is inking and coloring.

Here's a peak at what this comic is all about...

"From the dawn of the 20th Century came a new chapter in mankind's history, unleashed during a time of great war and destruction.

It was the beginning of the Age of the Superpowers, yet with the closing of the Second World War, this new spark seemingly flickered and died.

Until now...

Now th story can be told of the great lost Superpowers -- men and women with incredible abilities who canged the course of mankind forever... and who had been thought lost..

Until now...

Other characters include: Masquerade, The Crusaders, Pyroman, Mr. Face, The Owl, Samson, The F Troop, Green Lama, The Flame, The Arrow and the Scarab.

You can buy a copy on the Dynamite Entertainment site for $20.

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