Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Well, for one thing, you've been waiting for this post. It's a day late because of the holiday and the fact that UPS does not ship on said holiday, making all comic shipments one day late. I had some other projects keeping me busy this morning, so I am first getting to this now, which is usually later in the day than when I usually do. So, it's one day and three hours late, but I'm only taking the blame for the three hours.

Anyway, this week we're chocked full of late arrivals. And some are so late I thought the series ended and we forgot to order the last issues.

I have had a TON of hits on my blog in the last couple of days, thanks mainly to Lying in the Gutters. So, for those of you that are new to my blog, welcome. This is how this weekly segement works: When I say late, I don't necessarily mean that they are later than their scheduled release. They might be late, or there might just be large gaps between issues for some odd reason. I use 7 weeks as my starting point between issues and go to my invoice for this week. Any comics coming out this week that have had previous issues come out 7 or more weeks ago make the list.

This week my cutoff date was July 18, 2007, and a couple of books came in right there this week. Dark Xena #4 (Dynamite Entertainment) and Painkiller Jane #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) are both shipping this week. What are the chances? I mean really, both published by the same company, both featuring gals that kick arse, both ordered in June, both arriving this week after a 7 week gap between issues.

Several comics have gone a couple of weeks longer, coming out July 5. City of Others #4 (Dark Horse) is making it's way to shelves this week. We ordered this issue in June. Plague of the Living Dead #4 (Avatar) is also coming out tomorrow. This one was ordered in May - my guess is it's late. Outsiders #50 (DC Comics) is coming out too. Now, I wasn't sure about putting this one on, since technically we've been getting the Outsiders every week for the last 5 weeks with the mini-series DC did. And, since it was ordered in July, it probably isn't late. But, there were 9 weeks between this issue and the last regular issue of the series, so I put it on. Y the Last Man #58 (DC/Vertigo) makes its way to comic retailers this week, having had it's last issue arrive July 5.

Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer #4 (Image) is finally coming out. I seriously thought this was only three issues long since the other one came out back on June 27th. I even told the computer to take it off of people's pull lists - then today I had to have it put them back on, since it turns out that this is a 6-issue series. Hopefully it can get back on track with the next two issues. It was ordered back in May.

Madam Mirage #2 (Image) comes out this week after a long gap between issues. It seems to be a decent comic, so I hope that this long delay doesn't kill the series this early on. The last issue came out June 20. Issue #2 was ordered back in May.

White Tiger #6 (of 6) (Marvel) has finally decided to show up. This one was ordered back in February, and the previous issue came out on April 11. Yeah, looks like it's late. This went so long between issues that, due to the huge influx of mini-series and stuff, we had to cycle out the prior issues and take them off of the new comics rack.

And the latest of the late this week really takes the cake. This comic book had it's previous issue come out almost a full year ago, back on September 27, 2006. We ordered this issue back in April of 2006. And I'm sad that it's so late too, because it's a great series with beautiful art, and this is the final issue of the series. Lions, Tigers & Bears V2 #4 (Image) FINALLY comes out tomorrow.

I also decided to add a new segment here where I list the Marvel and DC comic mini series & one shots that are starting and ending. I am of the belief that in the coming months those two publishers will have started more minis than they ended.

This week's ending minis for the Big Two:
Daredevil Battlin Jack Murdock #4 (of 4)
White Tiger #6 (of 6)

This week's starting minis and 1-shots from the Big Two:
Black Canary Wedding Planner 1-shot
Captain America Chosen #1 (0f 6)
Iron Man Enter the Mandarin #1 (of 6)

What I'm reading
ANNIHILATION CONQUEST WRAITH #3 (OF 4) - I am actually going to go back and read all of these Annihilation books. I've been reading Quasar and I really enjoy it, so I'm hoping that the whole series is this good.
BOYS #10
METAL MEN #2 (OF 8) - I didn't really enjoy the first issue as much as I wanted to, but I'm going to give it another issue and see what happens.
SORROW #1 (OF 4)

Just so you know, one of two things will happen with this post next week - either I will have time to make it on Friday, or you won't get one until Wednesday or maybe even Thursday if we're too busy on Wednesday. We get our invoice from Diamond on Friday and we're going to Baltimore for the Con and the Retailer Summit, so I won't be near my computer in order to do this until Wednesday.

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