Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Local Comic Creator - Satellite State

On Wednesday we had Todd Gnacinski pay a visit to the store. He is another Milwaukee WI comic book creator. His comic is called, "Satellite State." It is a story of the past, a past gone horribly wrong. It's a sci-fi mystery story - two of my favorites. The art is in black and white, but Todd has done a great job of grey-scaling it. There are two issues out and a third coming soon. A few customers talked with Todd and picked up the comic while he was here.

While not perfect, the art was quite good and told the story well. You can emotions on faces, shadows lurking, and an entertaining cast of characters. I enjoyed the story quite well so far. The first issue ended with a great cliff hanger that hasn't quite been answered by the second issue, but has been hinted at. There is an alien invasion on earth and martial law has been instituted, fear is everywhere - but did the aliens have help and where did they come from?

This comic book is not being distributed by Diamond yet. Todd says that once the story is done Diamond wants to sell it in a graphic novel format - so the folks there like it. But, if you want to check it out, we have some copies of the first two issues in stock now. It's only $3 per issue - the same as a regular comic book. If you're sick of the super hero fare and looking for something different to read, you should pick up these. I really enjoyed it.

You can see more about Satellite State on their web site.

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