Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DC January Solicits - My Opinions

HOLY COW!! January solicitations already! MAN! Where does the time go?

Anyway, I took a look at the DC solicitations for the November Previews items that are coming out in January & later. Here’s what I thought:

Looks like a lot of Teen Titans coming up. There’s the “Lost Annual” (pictured) and the Teen Titans Year One #1, along with the regular series. Plus Teen Titans Go! – DC’s all-age series. The Year One series sounds fun, but I do not know why they have to do a “colorful reimagining of how the teammates bonded...” rather than just going with the original story. But, since I didn’t read it back then, I won’t really notice.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #4 – Ollie lives, but someone else dies??

Black Adam: The Dark Age #6 of 6 – we FINALLY get to find out what the magic word is. Another retailer told me it’s “sorry,” (highlight to see- protected in case someone really doesn't want to know) and we will all see if he was right when this issue arrives.

Robin #170 – Chuck Dixon is back on the series, and they claim it’s going to be a new era for Robin. Sounds interesting to me!

Action Comics #861 – I don’t read the series, but MAN the cover wierds me out. (pictured)

They’re doing a Countdown Special about the New Gods – and I am wondering why they didn’t do this BEFORE they started the Death of the New Gods mini-series that starts this week.

In Justice League #17 we’ll finally start to find out what’s going on with Vixen and why her powers aren’t working right.

They’re doing the Killing Joke again in a special edition hard cover to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the story. It is going to be recolored by Bolland and also have “An Innocent Guy” from Batman: Black & White in it. All for $18 – which seems a bit pricey, but this story is always a consistent seller, so I know we will load up on it for the store so we have it in stock for a while.

They have a bunch of other Alan Moore trades solicited too, including League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volumes 1 & 2, Complete Wildcats, and Wild Worlds.

Wonder Woman fans should be excited about Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol 1. (pictured) “featuring stories that have never been collected before from issues #178-184 and SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #93.”

Both The Batman Strikes and Justice League Unlimited have Harley Quinn stories in them – so I will have to read them. These all-age reads are great because the stories are usually one-shots, so I no one has to read every issue to enjoy just one.

Crayon Shincan Vol 1 is coming out courtesy of DC’s CMX manga line. It’s also an Adult Swim show – but I have never seen it. Is it any good? If nothing else, it should have an instant following thanks to the show. It looks like it would be for kids, but according to the “MATURE READERS” label in the solicitation, I’m going to have to say it is not for kids.

The final issue of Y the Last Man is solicited. Yeah, that means I MUST catch up on this series. Side note – I was really excited when my mom said she wanted me to get her the TPB’s of this for her birthday or Christmas or both because she heard about it on the Daily show. She’s on an anti-man kick right now, so I am sure she will enjoy it.

Nothing too exciting in the DC Direct section. The World of Warcraft series 2 figures are solicited – I might be more excited about these once I see how the first series sells. I don’t play the game, so there’s no connection there. There’s a Batman/Joker set of figures based on Brian Bolland’s art – to go with the new printing of Killing Joke. More mini-mates and a set of figures based on Showcase Presents (pictured). Shouldn’t the Showcase Presents figures be black & white like the books – well, they’re not – just retro looking and I can’t figure out why the Hawkman figure looks so funky.

DC’s new mini-series seem to be letting up a bit. Here’s what we’re looking at:

1 new series and 2 one-shots; 14 mini series in the middle of their runs and 1 mini ending. That is much better than a couple of months ago! Again, this is just the main DC line, not any of the Wildstorm or Vertigo stuff that I’m referring to here.

To view the full solicitation yourself click here.

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