Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Halloween Decor

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I put up the Halloween decorations in the store today. Here is one fun example! the skeleton is reading Ghost Rider, by the way. On the table we have a variety of fun horror themed merchandise.

You can go to my flickr page to view the other in-store decorations I put up today. Craig helped hang the two dozen bats. The feet glow in the dark, so they'll look cool when we close for the night.

Now I just have to switch up our window display with some horror themed items and decide what kind of Halloween in-store even we're going to do on the 31st (which is new comics day too, of course).


James Meeley said...

A costume contest, coming as your favorite horror monster or horror-themed comic character, would seem a natural for your Halloween store event, Lisa, but I'm sure you'd already planned for that, anyway.

How about a horror trivia contests? People answer a dozen or so comic questions related to horror-themeed characters and stories for a prize (like say an Essential Ghost Rider V.1 trade collection) and the first one to get them all right (or whoever gets closest) wins.

Maybe a fun type back issue sale. Get some stickers that look like pumpkins (or something Halloween-like) and mark certain back issues with them and say that those issues are discounted off 31% (because Halloween is on the 31st) from the sticker price. It'll get people digging through your back issues and help move out some stale inventory.

These are just a few ideas. You can use them (or not). Just make sure the event is fun. Which I'm sure you will. :)

Lisa said...

Great suggestions, James. We did plan on some kind of costume contest.

The horror trivia would be fun too! That reminds me to contact the movie theater about doing a tie-in with 30-Days of Night. Maybe we'll do a trivia contest from that.

Thanks for the ideas!