Friday, October 12, 2007

Thanks To You, We're #2!

Neptune Comics had stiff competition in the WISN A-List vote for best shopping destination for comic books. We asked you 2 vote, and when it came down 2 the end, we did not win, but we did take 2nd place, which isn't 2 bad considering that the winner has 4 store locations 2 our one. We're thanking all of you that took the time 2 vote for Neptune Comics by inviting you 2 our # 2 sale.

You're Invited 2
The # 2 Celebration Sale

Nep2ne Comics

DATE: 2 days: October 13 & 14

TIME: open 2 close. See web site for hours.

LOCATION: Come 2 Neptune Comics, 141 E. Sunset Dr.

DETAILS: When you buy 2 or more of almost anything in the store
save 22%.
  • buy 2 or more action figures, save 22%!
  • buy 2 or more t-shirts, save 22%
  • buy 2 or more graphic novels, save 22%!
  • buy 2 or more back issue comics, save 22%!
(excludes new comics and the new MTG Lorwyn set)
  • Also, save 22% on any one statue (excludes special-orders).
  • Bring a friend, they'll save 2!

cannot be combined with any other coupons, bonus points, or promotional prices


James Meeley said...

Congratz on your shop being #2, Lisa... er, um, wait, that didn't come out right... uh, heh, um... what I mean is... Congratz on making second place in the comic shops in your area. Personally, I think the guy who came in first had better watch it, since it is probably only due to his multiple locations that he got the top spot. Keep up the good work. :)

Lisa said...

Thanks James! There were other stores competing, so since the only one we loose to has 4 locations we feel pretty good about it. We received a TON of positive comments from people during the voting, so we're just happy to be loved by those lucky enough to know us.