Tuesday, November 20, 2007

December Marvel & DC Previews - my take

Since I'm a day or two late, I decided just to review both publishers at once instead of separately. These are for comics scheduled to ship in February 2008 - which seems so very very far away right now, but will probably be here before I know it.

I'll start with DC

We see our first single-digit Countdown issue this month.

Booster Gold #0 - in the middle of a series?!? And they're calling it "An official Zero Hour crossover." Could be interesting, could be irritating.

Amanda Conner is doing the art for Green Arrow/Black Canary #5. Cool!

A shocking appearance by Bat-Mite in Batman #674. Fun!

Detective Comics #841 (pictured) will guest star Zatanna - one of my faves. And Dinni writes. Good stuff!

Action Comics Annual #11 FINALLY finishes the Johns/Donner story "Last Son" from this summer. Yep, that's right, summer. By the time this rolls out I'm sure almost no one will care.

Birds of Prey #115 (pictured) has Black Alice join the team. I like her too - she's like a teen Zatanna.

Shouldn't Lobo fans have all of the single issues by now? They're doing a Lobo book, Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich that will include Lobo and Lobo's Back.

Tiny Titans #1!! YES!!

DMZ Vol 4 trade - order yours now. READ THIS BOOK!!

The Ame-Comi Wonder Woman figure (pictured) is the best of the series so far. She looks strong, not overly sexy like
many of the others have been. There is a Cheetah Ame-Comi solicited this month too. She's not bad, but I'm not too hip on this version. But the Wonder Woman is pretty cool - maybe I'll order one for myself too.

I'm not a big Green Lantern fan, but I know a bunch of guys who are. I think they'll like the Series 3 Green Lantern figs solicited here. They are kind of cool.

For a change, I did not see a single regular (non Wildstorm or Vertigo) mini-series starting if February. I guess that's 'cause it's February and not much happens then. It is one of retail's worst months. There are 10 mini-series that are mid-series and two that finally have their last issues come out in February.

To see the full list of DC December solicitations, click here.

Now Marvel's December Previews for items shipping in February 2008.

More Marvel Illustrated series. They are nice, but don't seem to sell very well in my store. I think that these would sell better as either giant-size one-shot comics or graphic novels. As single issues they just don't seem to appeal to people.

So, Ultimate Human is another Iron Man/Hulk fight? How confusing will that be to people?

Ultimate Apocalypse? Yep, in Ultimate X-Men #91 (Pictured)

We get to see the new Captain America in action in Captain America #35.

Is the Clandestine mini-series supposed to be humorous or serious? I can't tell from this solicitation and I know nothing about their past.

A lost Kirby/Lee issue of Fantastic Four?!? Very interesting, if it's true. Wasn't this rumor going around last year around this time?

Incredible Hercules #114 - Hercules taking the place, for now, of the Hulk. This is all well and good, but this kind of weird, random title changing is just the kind of thing my computer doesn't understand.

I like the cover for WWH Aftersmash #2 (pictured). It's clever and has a cute dog on it. Not sure if the mini-series will be any good, but the cover is fun.

Moon Knight #15 is being written, with a little plotting help by Charlie Huston, by the writer of HBO's Entourage, Mike Benson.

Hulkling is the focus of Young Avengers #2.

ANOTHER Thunderbolts one-shot. Is this the way the title is going to go from now on?

Painted interiors for Thor #7. That's cool! I like painted art.

Looks like Joss Whedon had to sneak one more issue of Astonishing X-Men in before he finished telling people his story. There's Giant Size #1 solicited this month.

Notice that there isn't much information X-Men #208? Well back in September at the Baltimore Summit Marvel said that after Messiah Complex there would be no more X-Men team. So, maybe there won't be a comic either? Or they'll change the name? Stay tuned! There is X-Force #1 solicited as a six-issue mini-series. At the Summit they presented this team as the new X-Men team. Again - stay tuned.

The final issue of Cable Deadpool is #50 (pictured). How long has this gone on without Cable? A while. Of course, Deadpool is the better of the characters anyway.

A comic book called Kick-Ass - how can you NOT buy that, just to see what it's about? And it's written by Mark Millar, with art by JR Jr. The first sentence in the solicitation: "The greatest super hero comic of all-time is finally here."

New and improved Criminal! I loved the series, and now it sounds like they're adding even more. Should be great!! If you've never read this series, pick up the trades and have your retailer put you down for a subscription on this. You won't be disappointed!

Howard the Duck Omnibus?? Seriously??

I like the Anita Blake stories. I do. But Marvel is soliciting a $20 hard cover that includes a two-issue series and a one-shot handbook. Yes, three issues contained in a $20 book. I'll pass!

We haven't even seen the last issue of Onslaught Reborn yet, and they're already soliciting the hard cover collecting the series. Oh Marvel, why do you taunt us so?

This month Marvel has three new mini-series starting, twelve that are mid-series and 6 that end with the February issues.

To see Marvel's complete December Previews, click here.

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