Monday, November 05, 2007

Holy Death Of - Batman!

According to today's Lying in the Gutters, found weekly on Comic Book Resources, DC is killing Batman!

Rich Johnston, author of the rumor column, claims that in June or July Bruce Wayne Batman will be killed, and later replaced by one of the Robins and the series will restart with #1.

Sound familiar? Think back to Captain America this past March - they killed Steve Rogers. And as reported, Captain America #34 will then have someone else claim the title of Captain America. Is DC now following in Marvel's footsteps with a similar major character assassination?

I heard rumors of this happening a couple of years ago - when DC was announcing the One Year Later events people speculated that Batman would no longer be Bruce. Well, it didn't happen then. But I guess it might happen now. How reliable is this rumor? I don't know. Time will tell!

Can DC pull it off? Can they get people to continue to purchase Batman comics with a new man in the suit? Will long-time Batman fans tolerate the changes and new numbering? Again, if and when this rumor becomes reality, time will tell.


Scott said...

It's just a stunt.

At least with the death of Steve Rogers, Brubaker was planning on doing it anyway. It was something he always planed to tell the story he wanted to tell.

But this death of Batman is just a stunt... just like the death of Superman was. DC SUCKS!

Lisa said...

You are probably quite right.

Anonymous said...

Killing Batman just as The Dark Knight is about to premiere? I find it unlikely, but then I don't think anyone will be satisfied till Paul Levitz issues a statement essentially saying, "No, we are not planning to kill Bruce Wayne."

Darren said...
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SSmasher said...

They should not have killed Steve Rogers at all, I don't care if Brubaker was always wanting to tell it. Also, bringing Bucky back as the Winter Soldier the way it was done was very anti-climatic. Good job, Brubaker, you are not impressive.