Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Justice League: The New Frontier Movie

I can't wait for this! The official press releases are hitting the news sites today. I read the comics, and I have had several people who bought the Absolute New Frontier tell me how awesome that book was. Now we can see it in motion in February 2008! February 26, to be exact.

It's an action-packed retro Justice League story by Darwyn Cooke, who is really great. It is set in the 1950's and has major DC super hero characters like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman working together to fight an alien threat against earth. This mini series has won just about every major comic book award there is.

There will be a few options available for DVD. The regular version is $19.99 srp, and there is a 2-disk version that has some bonus materials for $24.99 srp and then a 2-disk Blu-ray version for $29.99. Or, for those of you who watch everything on your computer screen, there will also be a downloadable version. And some cable stations will even have pay-per-view/on demand availability for this one. So, basically there is no excuse not to watch this. I know we'll have copies of it at the store available for sale. If you want to reserve a copy for yourself, let us know in the next month or two, especially if you want the Blu-ray, as we don't typically order that version.

The official New Frontier web site. They have a "making of" clip and a place where you can sign up for updates.

To read the full press release, head here.

I also wanted to add a side note - an update on the whole DC killing Bruce Wayne next summer rumor. Now Rich at Lying in the Gutters says it's not happening - thank goodness. Supposedly some WB execs said they couldn't do it. Which, considering we're getting a new Batman movie next summer, was a smart thing for them to do.

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Jim said...

The trailer/behind-the-scenes for this is AMAZING looking!!! I caught it on the Superman/Doomsday dvd, which I also recommend. Can't wait!!!