Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marvel On-Line

Last night, and more formally today, the internet actually WAS split in half by the gang over at Marvel Comics. They have announced that they are now going to offer a comic book on-line service. So far they won't have any new stuff, just 6+ months old and older.

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Marvel will give retailers a free one-week membership so we can see what it's really like. So far that hasn't been set up, and with Marvel's site completely bogged down, that's OK for now, but I do hope to get a chance to see it on my own soon.

There will be more news, interviews and opinions on this today and throughout the week. I too will do more posts on the subject as news continues to come out.

Back in January I did a Sequart column on Customer Loyalty and one thing I asked people about was if they'd switch to on-line comics. Most of those that responded either said they would but only limited or they would not because they work on computers all day and like to relax with a paper comic. So, it seems like current comic book buyers, at least back then, did prefer paper comics.

What do YOU think?

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