Saturday, November 17, 2007

Posting Anyway

Yeah, I know that in my last post I said I was off and wouldn't post, but I'm doing it anyway. Craig's playing Halo and I'm doing laundry, so while the clothes go 'round I decided to type a bit.

We saw Beowulf in 3-D today. WOW! I would recommend it to anyone. I thought the quality and detail of the experience was amazing. Personally, now that I've seen it in 3-D, I'd say that watching it on a regular screen is a waste of money. If you have a theater in your area playing it in 3-D and you are deciding if you want to see it, I recommend checking it out. This is the next generation in movie viewing technology.

I found some promo posters on-line for Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Notice that the woman playing Sarah is the same actor that played Queen Gorgon in 300 (Lena Heady). You might also notice the robot looking gal - yes, she played River in Serenity and Firefly. (Summer Glau). The show is scheduled to begin on Fox on January 13th. I'm not sure how long it will last because 1. Fox doesn't give shows much more than a few episodes to succeed before they shut it down and 2. Writer's strike and then actor's strike - I don't know how many episodes they filmed already. But, it does sound like an interesting premise and I will be checking it out when it premieres.

Rumored bits of the Justice League movie are leaking onto the 'net. Also rumored that the formal cast announcement might be made at Wizard World Texas. Who, you're saying, WHO! Well, here they are: Superman: Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights); The Flash: Adam Brody (The O.C.); Green Lantern: Common (Smokin' Aces). It was rumored that Teresa Palmer (Wolf Creek)was going to be Wonder Woman, but they say that now it looks like she'll be Talia al Ghul instead.

J.J. Abrams "Cloverfield" movie now has images available on-line, courtesy of Blackbook. I hear they were showing a trailer before Beowulf, but it must be the regular, not 3-D version.

A former Marvel editor, Andy Schmidt, is starting his own company where he will help future comic book creators. He is not only offering classes on writing and art, but also on networking, run a business, etc. Interesting! Read more about it on Newsarama here, or just check out his web site. Personally, I think this is a great idea and probably a much-needed service.

OK. That's it. I've gotta go see if my laundry is dry.

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