Sunday, December 09, 2007

Best of Milwaukee 2007

We were once again a finalist in the Shepherd Express' Best Of Milwaukee this year for comic book store. But once again, the winning spot was not ours to have. Congratulations to Lost World of Wonders! They run a huge store and manage to do it pretty well.

We were a runner up - once again we're #2. Of course, we are not in Milwaukee but are in a suburb of Milwaukee, so that's part of it. And we are not the biggest store in the area or the oldest store in the area. At least we come in close to first! In this year's vote last year's winner didn't even make the top three - which was pretty wild. The other comic store in the top 3 (Turning Page) has been in danger of closing for the last couple of years because the owner has been in the hospital on-and-off. But he's lucky enough to have loyal customers who want to help him keep the store open, so they'll work there for free to make sure that someone is there to bring in and sell the comics. (I wonder if Craig and I had problems if our customers would volunteer to help out?)

Thanks to everyone who voted for us!! You keep shopping here and we'll keep working to be the best!


Dr. K said...

Congratulations on 2nd place! I lived in Milwaukee from 92-94, and I don't remember any of these comic shops. I mainly shopped at Capital City Comics on Downer, and I occasionally went to Westfield Comics near the Harry Schwartz in Brookfield (?). I don't think either of those comic stores exist any more.

Lisa said...

Both Capital City and Westfields are gone now. People have compared our store to Westfields, but I was never in that store, so I can't say if that's true or not. Capital City was probably close to where Turning Page is - on Farwell. Lost World is on the south side of Milwaukee about 70th and Oklahoma ave.

Jeff Sonnentag said...

You'll always be number one in my wallet ...oops... I mean "heart"
and Congrats on placing. BTW: Feel free to call when help is needed, I'll need something to do to prevent me from becoming a cranky old man when I retire.

Lisa said...

You're not cranky already, Jeff? But seriously, thanks for your support over the last 4 years.