Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gift Ideas

Now that we are into December it is time to stop ignoring the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and get those gifts purchased.

To help, I thought I'd share some gift lists with you - with items you can find at your local comic book store. So while you're picking up some new comics for yourself you can also shop for others.

Here is a list for comic book fans of some pretty cool, higher end items that make nice gifts. And The 24/7 has a good list too.

This year did a three-part series on gifts suggested by those that work in comics.
Here is part one
Here is part two
here is part three

Here is's Geek shopping list.

The Single Gamer has a nice list.

Here are some of my suggestions, and these are things that most people, even those that don't read a lot of comics, would probably enjoy:
  • 300 Hard Cover graphic novel
  • Watchmen graphic novel or, if you want to give an upgraded version the Watchmen story is also available in an Absolute edition.
  • Kingdom Come graphic novel - it comes in soft cover or Absolute size
  • Captain America Omnibus - these stories are what brought many non-comic book readers into the store.
  • The New Frontier graphic novel set of 2, or the Absolute edition
  • Fables 1001 Nights hard cover
  • The Marvel Vault collection
  • Bone complete edition soft cover
  • World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide soft covers make a great set for the horror fan
  • Heroes hard cover for a fan of the show
  • Any edition of the Ticket to Ride board games
  • Niagara board game & expansion

How about you? Please share your gift recommendation list by posting on your own blog & linking it, or by posting it in the comments.

  • Jimsmash posted his Dork Shopping list. Thanks Jim!
  • King World has Scott's ultimate shopping list. Good stuff, Scott!


James Meeley said...

I'd say just about any trade collection of Spider-Girl and Amazing Spider-Girl. This is a series that harkens back to what superhero comics USED to be about. It's a prefect gift for ages young and old, as well.

Lisa said...

Awesome suggestion! Looking at my shelves I see I don't have nearly enough Spider-Girl at the moment. We'll have to fix that.