Monday, December 03, 2007

Tart Columns

I hope everyone survived "Impending Doom 2" the killer snow storm. It was pretty nasty outside and we even had to send KellyAnn home at 2 pm before it got bad enough for her to have to stay in the store overnight.

On Sunday we had a table at the Burnham Bowl "show" which I will call a specialty flea market. It is funny, spending a few hours at this kind of thing really gets to me because many of the mentalities there are the exact things we're trying to work against here at the store. How cover price is a bad, bad thing. Crazy collector mentalities. Gack! Plus Burnham is an old bowling alley so it smells of 60 years of cigaretts plus old paper comics and dusty toys. My sinuses were so bad I thought my eyes might just be forced out of their sockets. But we managed to offload the rest of our silver age comics purchase from back in September, so it wasn't so bad.

This week it is practically Lisa Lopacinski week on Sequential Tart! I wrote both of the columns under Features: An Interview with G. Willow Wilson, author of the book Cairo. (You should check this out, she is a very interesting woman and I thought the interview was great.) And my discussion of the Heroes Vol 1 hard cover book and how it relates to the TV show. I also wrote up the All Access piece under columns, on the Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman comics. My only other submission for the month was my Retailer's Corner piece, which will run on December 17th. I might get a few reviews in there as well. Plus, I wrote a couple of paragraphs for the Tart Time Machine on Christmas Music, which will probably be up closer to Christmas. Anyway, check out my takes on three great items: Cairo Hard Cover, Heroes Hard Cover and the Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman comics over at Sequential Tart.

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