Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wierd Letter in Today's Mail

We received the above letter in today's mail (click to enlarge). It is one of those things where you're not sure if it's a scam or not. I did check, and there IS a Prestige Assisted Living at that address. Now, weather this is someone who works there trying to get free comics, or an actual person hoping for comics to brighten their day I can't tell.

The really odd part is that we're pretty far from Washington state. Did he find our address on a Google search or some other internet search? How many of these letters were sent out? If he was really that desperate and loved comics that much, why wouldn't a caretaker or nurse at the living center or family member pick him up a couple? He has nowhere else to turn - except for sending out a mass mailing to comic book retailers? And if he does have access to the internet, why not read all of the many comics available for free on line (web comics, not illegally downloadable ones)? Also, if this person has access to a computer to find our address, why does the letter appear hand typed and littered with many type-o's? It feels a bit like those emails we get from people in Nigeria looking for help getting their money back.

We have given comics to different organizations, so I am not against giving comics to people who would enjoy them but cannot afford them. But they're local and we know of them and can drop them off in person, and they're for anyone there not just one guy. If anyone reading this lives out near this guy and has some comics to give him, I hope you do, provided he is what he says he is. Act locally, I say. Just be sure the charity is legit first.

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Scott King said...

sounds sketch to me.