Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking for a Home in Maryland?

I saw this on "The Beat," and thought it was interesting. The owner of Diamond Distribution, the single source for new comics in the U.S., is selling two of his Maryland homes. They're VERY nice. See for yourself.
4040 Stewart Rd. Stevenson MD
and 4 Laurelford Court, Cockeysville MD
Neither one looks very lived in. And I think I could fit my whole house into the kitchen of the Cockeysville house (pictured). Both are quite beautiful and WAY out of my price range.

The question is, of course, what's happening to Mr. Geppi? Not only does he own Diamond, but he is one of the owners of the Baltimore Orioles. He is, they say, a big player in the Baltimore area, a major business man there. I don't know if he owns more homes in the area or not. If not, is he leaving the area? And why is he selling real estate in such a bad market? Does he need the money? Is he eying up another investment and wants extra cash? Is the museum hemorrhaging money (it's been reported in the past that few visit the place) and forcing him to free up some money from these real estate investments? I don't have the answers! A reporter from the Baltimore Sun claims to have contacted Geppi but didn't receive a call back.

This might be news, or it might be nothing. We'll keep our ears to the pavement on this one!

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