Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marvel is Lost

Well, Lost is in Marvel is the better way to put it.

Press release:
Now fans can discover elements from the hit series Lost in Marvel Comics. ABC marketing has strategically placed images and references from the show in various comic books, including Uncanny X-Men, Incredible Hercules, Thunderbolts and Wolverine Origins on sale now.

Examples of Lost references include a Lost poster, the number 6, and the slogan "Find Yourself" in the latest editions of numerous Marvel comics throughout the month. Expect more Lost placements to pop up in comic books on stands January 23 and January 30.

The first new episode of Lost is next Thursday, Jan 31st.

This viral marketing is great stuff. I love the idea that there will be Lost easter eggs in Marvel comics! I'm going to have to look through some of these comics and see what I can find. If you find any, let me know. Maybe I can compile a list of where these can be found.

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