Saturday, January 12, 2008

Neptune's 2008 Anniversary Party

08anniv 05
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Now that the Packers are playing (and not well, from what I hear) it's quieted down enough for me to post some pictures from the party. We had a very good turn out early on with everyone hoping to find their favorite items before someone else did.

If you click on the photo you can go to my Flickr page and check out the rest of the Anniversary party pictures.


Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, your Packers beat the Seahawks. I should have thought about it earlier- our team playing your team!!

I hope your anniversary event/party went well! It sure looks like it from the pics! Yay!

Scott King said...

I soooooooo want your wooden book shelves. They look so much nicer than the ones I have. Of course I know they also cost way more than this crap I got from Ikea.

Also, how the heck did you print that logo out to make it icing? I've never ever seen anything like that before. That's cool.

Lisa said...

Heidi - they did win in the end. I didn't get to watch the game at all because we had the store open and then went out to dinner with our employee after to unwind and celebrate. But I'd heard the Packers were off to a rough start in the beginning.

The party did go very well. Our sales were up 65% from last year's anniversary party. This sale is really about bringing in money during a slower month and clearing out a lot of inventory that hasn't moved in a while. We did both! I'd have loved to be even busier, but I really can't complain, especially since we were up against that football game.

Lisa said...

Scott - for $400 you can one for yourself, but the shipping will kill ya. You've just got to keep an eye out for book stores going out of business because that's the one time you could probably pick them up for $100 or so each. You'd just have to haul it yourself.

The bakery does that with the cake. I think they actually make a copy of the design and print it on some kind of edible sheet that they then put onto the cake. Some kind of fancy bakery technology! You could bring in a picture of someone and they can put it onto a cake just like they did with the design I made. If you wrote a book and wanted to celebrate it's release or something you could have them put a picture of the cover onto the cake. I don't know how they do it exactly, but it's pretty cool.

Richard Melendez said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like the event went really well. Quick question: the caption to one of your photos says that you've got graphic novels at Amazon prices... is that your normal selling price? Something you did for the anniversary party? Yearly clearance sale? Just curious...

Lisa said...

Richard - this was the first time we went as low as 40% off graphic novels - but people had to get at least 4 in order to get that discount. Normally we sell at cover price. This was just an inventory clearance that we did for the Anniversary party. A way to say "thanks" to everyone who has paid full price all year while also clearing out a lot of older graphic novel inventory that we don't want to continue stocking.

We could never afford to do that all of the time. We just don't have Amazon's volume, so we can't make up the price cut in volume that we'd loose. We could never pay the bills! Our overhead just would never allow for that.

Richard Melendez said...

Lisa, thanks for the info! Yeah, selling at that price sounded odd... I'd assumed that it was either a promotional or clearance price, or that you were using a distributor other than Diamond that offered you outrageous prices for GNs. FYI, my business partners and I will be opening a store here in Hawaii this year. As you can imagine, any news about huge discounts on GNs got our attention. Thanks again!

Lisa said...

Richard - I LOVE Hawaii!! Best of luck with your store.

We do get most of our stuff from Diamond, of course. Some of it was bought on clearance, so we still made some decent money on those items. Otherwise our discount averages about 50%, so while we didn't get rich, we didn't loose money either. But there's no way we could offer those prices regularly. In fact, we rarely have sales. We might have events - parties and such - we don't have a lot of sales. Usually two per year, maybe three if we start to notice a section that's getting really overstocked and we want to move some of it.