Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Day

The Green Bay Packers lost yesterday.

The bank & post office are closed today.

It's snowing now, and supposed to continue all day.

The internet is running VERY slow.

For all these reasons and more, it's been fairly quiet in the store today. We've had some customers, but not as many as I'd like. However, the one good thing is that a slow, snow day gives us time to do some other stuff here at Neptune.

I dusted all of the action figures, shelves, and other surfaces - which I do every week, but usually on Tuesday. Since I had the time today, I did it in advance.

No luck trying to track down a card game, You're Bluffing, for a guy who also hasn't had any luck finding it. I guess it's out of print now, and has been for a while, and my distributor doesn't have any information saying if it will ever be reprinted. Hopefully the guy can track it down somewhere.

We also took down the "top selling graphic novels" display and replaced it with a "featured authors" display. For now we're featuring: Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Brian K. Vaughn. We're not sure yet how often we'll switch these up. Maybe once a month, or every 6 weeks.

Craig is pounding his head against the POS computer, trying to get our system converted from DOS to Windows. It's an unending battle. The programmer fixes one thing and two more seem to get wonky, and our inventory is there, but not all of it is.

I took some new in-store pictures for our web gallery, so Kelly Ann can import them on Saturday. We have to update the pictures every so often, otherwise the merchandise is too out of date and people either see them and think that we don't get new stuff regularly, or they think they'll be able to find something in the picture that we don't have anymore.

Now it's time for lunch - Jimmy Johns subs. They deliver, so we don't have to drive around in the snow - and clean the snow that's fallen so far off of the car. I'm having a #12, -tomatoes, +mustard.

I'll have to come up with some new projects after lunch. Or, if the weather continues to get worse and we don't see people coming in, we might just close and go home.

Enjoy these lovely pictures of our current snow! (click to enlarge)

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