Thursday, January 03, 2008

What you've Been Waiting For

It's a whole new year and a whole new week. Time for another installment of What You've Been Waiting For. My weekly post (well, the day can vary when new comic days do, of course) that examines my Diamond invoice for the week. I look at the mini-series madness, at what I want to read out of this week's shipment, and of course, which comics have taken two months or more between issues. Sometimes the comics are late, sometimes they're VERY late, and other times they're right on time but just have these big gaps between them.

This week's invoice is small. We are only getting a few boxes and our invoice total is about half of what it's been in any week in December. Even my New This Week list is about half as long. So, that will make this post about half as long as usual too.

Devil's Due has had some problems delivering comics in a timely fashion lately. Not sure why. But this week we're getting in Forgotten Realms Halfling's Gem #3 (of 3). The prior issue came out on 10/31/07.

Thunderbolts #118 (Marvel) and Doktor Sleepless #4 (Avatar) are both arriving tomorrow, and both had their prior issues come out on 10/24/07. Both of these were ordered in August, so I'd guess that both are late.

Due largely to the break up of Dabble Brothers and Marvel, Hedge Knight 2 hasn't seen a new issue since August 8th. Finally issue #4 is coming out! We ordered this new issue back in July.

And another result of the DB Marvel split was the delays on Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #7. Nothing worse than a 9 month gap between issues in the middle of a series. They did have that 2-part fill in thing, so fans didn't give up entirely, but still, that kind of gap between issues is never good for a comic book. The prior issue of Anita Blake VHGP arrived on April 18th, making it my longest wait from this week's shipment.

Looks like Marvel wins the award for lateness this week. 3 of the 5 books that you've been waiting for this week are published by them.

One shots and new mini-series starting this week from the "Big Two"
  • ULTIMATE HUMAN #1 (OF 4) - Marvel

One shots from the "Big Two" that end with this week's issue
  • HOWARD THE DUCK #4 (OF 4) - Marvel
  • MAGICIAN APPRENTICE #12 (OF 12) - Marvel
While both publishers are even on mini-series they've got starting, at least Marvel has some ending this week.

What I'm Reading (last week was a BIG week and a holiday week, so I'm pretty far behind, but this week is small, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up a bit)

DYNAMO 5 #10
END LEAGUE #1 -Picutred
GRAVEL #0 Anything that has a character referred to as a "combat magician" is worth checking out.
NORTHLANDERS #2 - pictured
TEEN TITANS YEAR ONE #1 (OF 6) - pictured at top
ULTIMATE HUMAN #1 (OF 4) - just to see what it's about.

Dang, it looks like Warren Ellis week this week.

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