Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WOW - Heath Ledger has Died

This has been all over the internet now for a few hours, but I'm still quite shocked about it.

Ledger wasn't an extremely well known/popular actor yet, but at 28 years old and the recipient of an Oscar nomination, he was on his way. He will be The Joker in this summer's Batman movie, which has finished filming and is in post-production now. That will make seeing him in the film that much more eerie for me.

He was found in bed with a bottle of sleeping pills nearby. So far the police do not have evidence of fowl play or suicide. I guess they're assuming he accidentally took the pills and overdosed to the point where he couldn't wake up. We'll see if those facts change at all in the coming days.

It's always sad when someone young, with such a promising future, dies this way. I feel for his friends and family.

Newsarama has details & other links here.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your information from? Heath Ledger won an Oscar? Not an extremely well known/popular actor yet? Lisa I love reading your blog, but this was bad.


Lisa said...

Anon - he was a nominee, not a winner, but the movie (Brokeback Mountain) did win a few Oscars.

As for popular - George Clooney he's not. When I was telling people he died, over half didn't know him by name - in my book that makes him not well known. And until Brokeback he wasn't known much at all, at least not here in the U.S. To be well known I'd say people have to recognize the name and know at least one movie or show the actor was in, and many people were unable to do that with Ledger, at least people I'd talked to.