Sunday, February 03, 2008

Are You Serious?

I've taken on some additional responsibilities that will have me out of the store quite a bit. Not to worry though, I've trained Craig and of course we have Kelly Ann. And I'll still be here on and off, but just not all day every day like before.

So, to send me off in grand style, I get a call from some nutjob before I open. Since I won't get quite as much of this now that I'll be away from the store more often, you probably won't get quite as many of these crazy stories. Well, of course that obligates me to share this one with you, those reading my little blog.

I'm doing morning prep about 1/2 hour before the store opens. Phone rings. I answer.

Me: Hello. Neptune Comics. Can I help you?
Crazy Dude (CD): Yeah, I was just calling to ask you the name of the other comic book store, the one downtown.
Me: This is Neptune Comics.
CD: Yeah, I want the name of the OTHER comic book store in town.
Me: Are you serious?
CD: Yeah, I can't find him in the phone book 'cause I don't remember the name.
Me: Sorry, He's out of business.
CD: What's the name?
Me: He's out of business now.
CD: Where's the store located again?
Me: The one downtown?
CD: Yeah.
Me: He's not anywhere now, he went out of business.
CD: I want to get a big box of toys and comics for my kid there.
Me: Sorry, he's closed down.
CD: When's he open.
Me: They're not open, they went out of business this past summer.
CD: He went out of business?
Me: yes. He's gone.
CD: When did that happen?
Me: Like I said, this past summer.
CD: This month?
Me: No, July or August of 2007 - this past summer.
CD: I wanted to see what action figures he's got there.
Me: He doesn't have anything there, he went out of business.
CD: So if I went there there wouldn't be anything there?
Me: I think the store still has some shelves, and his sign might still be up, but he's closed down.
CD: He's not selling anything there anymore, not even toys N stuff?
Me: That's right. He is completely closed down for good.
CD: I used to get good deals there.
Me: Maybe that's why he went out of business.
CD: What?
Me: Sorry, I can't help you.
CD: What kind of deals do you guys have today? I mean, do you have anything going on or anything? Like could I get like a couple huge boxes of comics for less than $100.
Me: No. We're not having any deals or sales today.
CD: But what kind of deals do you have.
Me: No deals today. I have $1 comics - that's the best deal I can give you.
CD: Do you have really old comics in there for $1?
Me: Not really. It's mostly stuff from the last few years.
CD: Don't you have old stuff?
Me: We're a newer store, and we specialize in new comics. We have some older ones, but not a whole lot.
CD: I was there once trying to sell you guys comics. Don't you have like a file cabinet full of old comics?
Me: Most of those are newer - not too many more than 10 years old.
CD: So what I'm really looking for are the ICP comics. Do you have any of those?
Me: Sorry, nope.
CD: Well, what I'm REALLY looking for are the Fright Night comics. Do you have them?
Me: No.
CD: What old comics do you have.
Me: I'm sorry, but I've got to get ready to open this store. You are welcome to come out and see what we have.
CD: But you don't have any deals today?
Me: Nope, not today. Goodbye.
CD: What time are you open until?
Me: 4 pm.
CD: What time?
Me: 4. We close promptly at 4 pm on Sunday.
CD: Thanks.
Me: Goodbye.

I then start up the vacuum. About 30 seconds later the phone rings again - it's him. I let it ring and continue vacuuming. I've already had far too much of a conversation with that dude.

Yeah - I can't wait for him to show up. He's been in the store before trying to sell comics "to buy medicine for his kid." The fun of retail! Getting calls from people trying to find out the name and location of your business' competitor.


JohnH985 said...

I work in retail for a big box type retailer. I've had people call up and ask what the number is for the store in Covington is. We don't have a store in Covington. I tell them that, only to be told yes we do. No I try to explain, we don't. Of course they continue to's the kind of argument where you can't win.

Or the customer that comes in claiming something is on sale and when informed that it's not, they whip out an ad and point to it and say "See, it's right there." Yes, it is, in another store's ad.

Ah, gotta love it. :)

Ben from Arizona said...

Priceless! LOL!

Lisa said...

I'm happy to report that so far this guy has not showed up in the store.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha, that's dynamite!