Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sean's Off BOP

I got some sad news today. Sean McKeever is off of Birds of Prey - his final issue is 117. I really enjoyed what he wrote for the BOP gang so far, and Birds is always on my reading list, so I was sad that he wasn't going to continue. But he's staying on Teen Titans - those kids have been taking up a lot of Sean's time, as you might expect from troubled teens with super powers, so he had to give up DC's best gang of gals in exchange for the gang of teens.

The new Birds of Prey writer will be Tony Bedard. He did the run before Sean started. While a couple of the issues were OK, I think a lot of fans didn't like that arc, for a variety of reasons, so I hope that all of these changes don't hurt the book. We already can't seem to get Manhunter back, I don't want to miss out on another great gal book.

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