Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I'm not talking about the story by Greg Rucka that will be a movie later this year. I'm talking about the blinding whiteout snow we had here in souteast Wisconsin today. Everything has now closed down: banks, malls, city hall. Churches have cancelled or postponed their Ash Wednesday services, tons of businesses are closed, every school and day care was closed, even the city's transit system has shut down. There was one county that had the freeway declared impassable In fact, they just said on the radio that three counties have taken their snow plows off the road because the visibility is so bad that it's not even safe for them. Yeah, it's that bad.

Craig couldn't even leave the house to get the comics at UPS - the car was completely stuck. We're going to have to really work on it tomorrow and hopefully we can get it freed up.

I think the last time I saw snow totals, which was around 2 pm, were 12 - 14 inches since last night, and the snow is still coming down. They say it might end around 9 pm tonight. Even my dog seems to be sick of it now and she has the genetics of a winter climate dog. They are saying that this has been a record setting year for snow in the area, and that today's snow is one of the worst 24-hour snowfalls we've seen in decades. Plus it is SO windy that visibility is really poor.

I wish I had my camera here instead of at the store because I'd take some great snow photos. But instead I've just got a cell phone photo. Not great, but it gives you the idea. Keep in mind that most of the snow melted last week. We had a bit of snow last week, and the rest is all just from last night and today. Here's a link to photos from the local newspaper's web site if you want to see more.

It's a nice day -- to rest, to catch up on TiVo, to work on some unfinished projects, to stay at home -- but not to do anything that has to do with the outdoors. My brother-in-law just got a job last month delivering mail for the USPS - he probably won't get home until midnight tonight because he has to help cover the routs of the more senior carriers who called in "sick" today, and it's slow going besides. At least he'll get overtime pay.

I hope that all of you were safe today and did not have to go out at all in this! On the plus side - one news station has been doing some of their snow coverage right near our store and we've seen the outside of the strip mall and our sign on TV!

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JohnH985 said...

That's why I live in the South. No snow. :)