Monday, April 21, 2008

More Comic Reviews

Before I get to the reviews, I wanted to say how excited I am about this bit of news from Lying in the Gutters:

From the New York Comic Con, I hear Brad Meltzer is working on a new heavy-DC-continuity series. A thematic sequel to “Identity Crisis.”

I really liked Identity Crisis, and I have read several Meltzer novels now that I also very much enjoyed. Plus, I enjoy comics, and the DC Universe. What a FANTASTIC COMBO for someone like me. Bring it on!

And in the same column:
Coming up from the NYCC floor... look for Paul Dini writing a new "Zatanna" comic. Also great news to me. Zatanna is a fun character!

With that exciting news - onto some comic book reviews.

Zorro #2
Dynamite Entertainment, Written by Matt Wagner, art by Francesco Francavilla, letters by Simon Bowland. $3.50.
The story telling in this comic is different from what I usually read - there is a good deal of story told in the past by an omniscient narrator. Then a short bit at the end of the issue told in what seems to be the present, or at least closer to the present than the first part of the story. It is entertaining, but not the best comic ever. I might prefer it if the stories were more one-and-done adventures of Zorro, kind of like what they're doing with the new Doctor Who comics. Or even if they weren't one-and-done, if they'd get onto the Zorro adventures and less on his history. But, still not bad. A solid B.

Teen Titans #57
DC Comics, written by Sean McKeever, art by Eddy Barrows, letters by Travis Lanham. $2.99.
I wasn't sure WHO Ravager was fighting, but it sure was a good fight! That gal takes no prisoners. Artist was a bit lazy with backgrounds, but the action dominated the scenes anyway. B+

Ghost Whisperer #2
IDW Publishing, Story by Beca Smith & Carrie Smith, art by Elena Casagrande, letters by Neil Uyetake. $3.99.
I think the price is too high. Let me start with that. The art is simple, not horrible but not my favorite style. The story was fine. Like the previous issue it is a one-and-done mainly, with a sub story that carries on from the last issue into this one and into the next issue. My biggest problem with this was that the story seemed a LOT like the last one. Girl is picked on by a more popular girl(s), picked on girl dies in a horrible accident, picked on girl becomes a ghost and then terrorizes the popular girl(s), the Ghost Whisperer has the ghost and the living apologize to each other, the ghost moves on to the next level. It's not a horrible story - but I would hope for variety because this comic will get old very fast if they keep writing variations on the same theme every issue.

Isn't there supposed to be a creative team following the political campaigns and working on a comic of those adventures? I thought there was. I'm wondering if they're doing it now, with the whole Barak Clinton cage match going on, or if they're waiting for it to just be Dem Vs Rep.

Now it's time to eat some dinner & hang out with Craig. So that's all the reviews for tonight.

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