Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Video Game

Rumor has it, according to Newsarama, that there's a second edition of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game coming -- and that it will be set in the world of the Marvel Civil War.

I guess that would mean good guys vs other good guys. Interesting.

The article says, "Players will take one side or the other, with over 20 characters to choose from. Fusing powers will be a new feature, building on the combo system seen in the previous game (and the X-Men Legends series). The example given is lightning webs, from fusing Spider-man and Storm’s abilities. The other characters mentioned in the release are Hulk, Wolverine, Venom, and the Human Torch."  It will of course be available for most systems, and if it's like the first one, the next gen system games will have more options than their predecessor systems' versions.

We had a blast with the last game - as I mentioned with the Indiana Jones lego game - there just aren't a lot of games that Craig and I can play together. I believe this will be one, just like the original version.  So not only will it be fun, but it's something people can do together, which is always fun when gaming.
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