Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spider-Man 4

I keep hoping they don't move ahead with a Spider-Man 4.  The third one kind of ran off the rails, in my opinion, with too much singing & dancing by the stars as well as two villain characters that could have been cool alone but together neither one was well developed into a good story.

But according to Sci-Fi wire a script for SM 4 is coming and  Raimi hopes to direct it, if he likes the script.  He says he wouldn't want to recast Mary Jane or Peter Parker.  The problem is I'm not sure either of them want to be in another Spider-Man movie. 

While I think that Spider-Man translates well to the screen and has a world of great stories to tell, I think there should be a break.  Let people enjoy some other movies for a while.  Then come back in 5 or 8 years and do some more with the character.
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ManoDogs said...

Have you been watching it on Starz! or whichever? It's been on all day since last night and I've caught spots of it. I'm finally seeing it from the beginning right now.

Shortly before the premiere, there were rumors that Maguire had said he was not interested in continuing the franchise, should a fourth installment be planned, but Maguire denied the rumors. Shortly thereafter, Dunst was quoted as having said the franchise would "crumble" without the two of them.

Not long after that, one or both of them said something to the effect of '[they] would be stupid' not to continue with the franchise at this point and how these were the 'roles for which they would be remembered' or of a lifetime, etc.

I am only 20 minutes in and I tend to agree with your assessment. I thought the whole singing/dancing bit was cleverly scripted though unnecessary, but the entire project is overwrought. Too much CGI, too much emoting... just too much!

Lisa said...

manodogs - no. I saw it in theaters twice when it came out. It was too much. I think if they'd taken the dancing out and made two movies, one with sandman and one with venom they'd have two much better movies.