Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008

Another Wizard World Chicago has come and gone. This year's con was earlier than usual and it seemed a little less attended than the last few I've been to.

I have photos from the con on Flickr now.

We found out about Michael Turner's death at the convention, which made things a bit more somber. At first we thought it was just a rumor someone made up. But as Saturday progressed we found out it was true. Some creators left the show to go bet with Michael's family. Others stayed, but their mood was definitely changed due to his passing. While he had been sick for a while, making his death a little less surprising, that doesn't make it any easier to know a young and talented man is now only a spirit and memory. But at least he left many footprints - his work will live on and be enjoyed by generations. This has been a rough year for the comic book industry as we have lost a few very good people.

Overall Chicago was fun. We hung out with friends, met some new people, and enjoyed costumes and comics. Craig got a Wonder Woman headsketch from Aaron Lopresti which I'm sure he'll upload onto here in the next day or two. We got to learn about Diamond's POS system, which is everything our current POS system was supposed to be but isn't, so we are 99% sure that we will switch. Cheryl (who is a regular reader of this blog, by the way - HI CHERYL!) did a great job showing us the bells & whistles of Comic Suite and it really impressed us - plus Diamond makes the system affordable by providing retailers with payment options. For those stores not yet on a POS & inventory management system, I recommend checking it out. If not the Diamond system, then some system, because it is SO important and valuable of a tool.

Well, it's getting late and that's all I've got for now.
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Phil said...

Glad you had a good time at the con. Wish we had run into you guys there.

The con seemed to be less crowded to me as well; I did notice that their supposed plan of keeping it in June for the foreseeable future lasted all of one year -- it's back to August in 2009. That timing will be better for us 501st people who are now scrambling to finish the float for the Racine 4th of July parade.

Michael Turner's death hit me as well when they announced it over the PA system. Out of my friends I was with, I was the only one who knew who he was, so it didn't affect them like it did me. Wasn't a huge fan of his work, but I still respected the guy for battling cancer like he did and still finding ways to do what he loved to do.

Lisa said...

Phil - it was amazing how many people were at Wizard on Saturday and Sunday that we never saw. Somehow with it less attended people seemed to be able to find more places to hide. Of course you put a helmet on and who knows who you are under there! ;)