Monday, June 23, 2008

X-Men: Who's out, Who's in, What's What had an article from Heroes Con in Charlotte about the future of the X-Men Universe. Here are the highlights, edited for quick & easy reading. For the full article click here.

The team’s relocation to San Francisco beginning with July’s issue #500 will be permanent.

Gambit will be playing a role in X-Men: Legacy, while Mr. Sinister will be the “big bad” of the coming months. The title will also be where X-readers will be able to find Rogue.

The mystery of why Archangel’s wings are metal will be revealed little by little in X-Force

Matt Fraction said that he is a huge fan of the Chris Claremont/Bill Sienkiewicz characters from New Mutants, and has already begun using them in stories, but other characters, such as Dazzler will be around.

Having been reading up, Brubaker came back on the line with a comment that things looked pretty promising for using Mimic in upcoming stories. He liked what he had found.

Asked if they would be dealing with the Scarlet Witch in the series, Brubaker said that he would expect to see Allan Heinberg dealing with the Scarlet Witch in the future, noting that she is more of an Avengers character than an X-Men character these days. (Which means we'll never see her, since Heinberg is not known for his timely work)

Fraction added that readers will see an Emma Frost miniseries in 2009.

Moving on, Brubaker said that there will be stories coming that touch upon Vulcan, but Brubaker couldn’t say just what yet.

Fraction explained that there will be old "bad guy" favorites presented in new lights, such as the Hellfire Cult and the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants. To illustrate his point, Fraction said that at the end of issue #500, there’s a scene with a number of skinheads in Hellfire masks – “It’s things you’ve never seen before, but yet, are things that are familiar.”
Cyclops has to have faith – that whatever Cable is doing with the mutant baby will somehow work out for their species. Fraction said that will be a core tenet underlying the character of Cyclops – “what does it mean for Cyclops, when you’re the guy in charge and all you have is hope?”

Brubaker said that he and Fraction will be sticking close to the”198” mutants that supposedly survived M-Day, even though that number was originally meant to be a rough estimate, with perhaps as many as 400 mutants with powers remaining in the Marvel Universe.

There are no plans to use Kitty Pryde, Brubaker said in response to a question, although, Fraction added, Colossus will really, really miss her. Likewise, there are no current plans to use The Initiative’s Mutant Zero or Cassandra Nova. And Fraction teased a Magneto appearance hard.

An appearance by Captain America got a “maybe” from Brubaker, but one character that will definitely be making an appearance: Storm.

Fraction said that he sees Wolverine as being something of the bad example of the team, who has always been a little detached with a “don’t become like me,” vibe. Now, as a result of M-Day and more recently “Messiah Complex” and “Divided We Stand,” Cyclops has had to change and, ultimately become more like Wolverine. While that may be where he needs to be for the X-Men, Wolverine sees it as a shame that it had to happen to someone like Cyclops. Boiling it down to a pop culture touchstone, Fraction described their relationship as something akin to Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.
Jean Grey? Still taking the dirt nap, Fraction said.

There you go - X-Men update summary. We'll see if I get any more bits & pieces at Chicago Wizard this weekend.

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