Friday, August 08, 2008

Ame-comi Wonder Woman - DC Direct

Recently we got the newest installment of Ame-Comi figures, which included a Wonder Woman and Cheetah. I took a Wonder Woman home for myself!

These are kind of expensive for action figures - this one's SRP is $49.99. But they are in-line with the vinyl toys and anime figures in terms of price. They are really more like lower priced statues made of PVC than they are toys. Toys for grown ups!

Let's take a closer look at my Wonder Woman PVC statue.

Here she is in the box

This is the base - almost pointless because as with all DC action figures - it doesn't really work very well at keeping the figure up. In addition, it was EXTREMELY difficult to get out of the box! I stabbed myself, got a plastic cut, and nearly put an eye out, plus I scratched the base.

Here she is out of the box with all accessories, front & back

Side views

And a close up of the upper half of the figure

Overall I'm pretty happy with this figure. The packaging is nice and the figure is well done. The paint is well done, the accessories are very cool, and Wonder Woman is poised for attack with a take-no-prisoners expression on her face. Unlike some of the other Ame-comi's I don't think Wonder Woman is overly sexy. Her proportions are well done, she's completely inside her outfit, and while she is showing a lot of leg she's not out of sync with the way the character is usually costumed. Even my mom thought she was pretty cool.

You can see these & more photos on my Flickr page.


ben from az said...

I'm too lazy to search... what other figs came in this series?

Lisa said...

We've already received Supergirl, Catwoman, Batgirl, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, and Cheetah. Donna Troy (the least appealing of the figures, IMO) and Zatanna should arrive in October. Hawkgirl is coming in January 09 - and she's pretty cool looking too.

Elf Girl said...

I got mine last week as well, and I absolutely love it. She just looks so kick ass. :D

Lisa said...

Enjoy it, Elf Girl! I do think the WW figure is the best one so far.