Thursday, August 14, 2008

Art Feature - Brian Bolland

Today's feature artist is BRIAN BOLLAND

you can click on the photo above to see it better

Brian Bolland is one of my FAVORITE comic book artists. I really enjoy his work. It is incredibly detailed, to the point of being meticulous. His characters are well proportioned, the faces have great expressions that pull you into the scene and weather his work is inks only or colored I'm hard pressed to find a Bolland piece I don't like. Although I could live without his seeming infatuation with bondage. But that's another post altogether.

Bolland is English, born in 1951, and while clearly he has a talent in art, he did attend art school. He claims to have started drawing comic book art when he was only 10 years old. He officially made it into the "main stream" when he began working regularly for DC in 1979. While known mainly for his cover art, he also has done some interiors too. The Killing Joke features his art, and is one of the most well read and sought after of all Batman stories.

His official web site can be found here. You can see just about every comic book art piece done by him here, at the Grand Comics Database.

Good stuff, hey.

Who is your favorite artist?


Swinebread said...

Brian Bolland is great. I was sad that I had to sell my copy of Camelot 3000.

Ben from Arizona said...

My favorite artist? That's a tough question. I've got "favorites" but then I suppose out of all of them I have a favorite... I'm bored, so I'll go down the list...

You can't deny the solid/amazing consistency of Jim Lee. Problem is he takes his time drawing this quality stuff and he's known to push back book releases. I know that's a small nitpick, but that really gets under my skin.

I think Dale Eaglesham is one of the most underrated artists in the biz today. His run on JSA is astounding!

I also think the graphic designy stuff Jonathan Hickman's put together in "Nightly News" and "Pax Romana" indicates the future of the medium... I really do. He does stuff with his formatting and design that just makes me scratch my head and say "How did he do that?!"

Steve McNiven is awesome, and Frank Quitely's stuff is incredible.

I think I'd have to give the "Ben's Fave Artist" award to Alex Ross.

If it weren't for Alex Ross' rendering of Hal Jordan on GL #1, I might never have returned to comic books. It is quite possibly the best image of one of my all-time favorite heroes ever. When I saw that image, I had to run out and grab that issue.

The more I see of Ross' work, the more I want to see... and the better it all seems to get!

One of these days, when I become a billionaire, my mansion will be adorned in original Alex Ross art.

Yep. Alex Ross rocks it.