Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Adventures on the Bus

Today on the bus I was reading comics. X-Factor 34 was the one I had out at the time. Just sitting in my seat, minding my own business, reading comics on the bus as usual. Over the grind of the bus' engine I hear someone saying something about X-Men. I glance up and see a young man pointing at my comic book and saying something about X-Men and how it's the best comic, better than X-Factor. Then something about if Bishop or Cable was leading the team now. He was sitting on the opposite side of the bus, 3 rows between us. I shouted back that now Madrox was the leader. Who? Madrox! This went on a couple of times. Then he shouted back if that Apocalypse is one of his favorite villains. I made a face, not sure if I heard him, and he moved back into the seat directly across the isle from me. He then tells me again that Apocalypse is one of his favorites, along with Doctor Doom and Galactus. "Have you seen the X-Men movie?" he inquires and as I nod my head he proceeds to tell me that it was a stupid movie. I ask him witch one and he made a confused expression so I mention that I thought the first two were good but the third one wasn't very good. This he agreed with.

Now a subject change - he then tells me out of nowhere that he doesn't want to come on as being obnoxious or anything, because he knows he's drunk, but did I have a boyfriend. I said no but quickly informed him that I am happily married.

He then quickly changes the subject back to comics, asking me which I prefer, Marvel or DC. I inform him that I like different comics from both of them. He askes me if Captain America is still Superman, and I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he asks me if I knew that Bane broke Batman's back and if I thougth that the Joker really was the one who killed Bruce Wayne's family. I made some comment about how those are classic early 1990's stories. He informs me that he read comics and liked to draw. He stressed that he was only 23, and drunk by the way, but he liked comics as a kid. He used to draw, he loved comics, but not anymore. I asked why and was informed that he has a drinking problem that lead to incarseration and homelessness. I tried to turn my head back to my comic book, but he asked me if I saw the new Batman movie, to which I replied affirmatively.

He then tells me what he needs is a woman who he can just get along with. Someone interesting and that creativitiy is important. Then he says that I caught his eye right away and he had to come and talk to me. I simply say that people notice when women read comics and then brought up something about how I like reading comics. Finally his stop comes and he gets off the bus. It was a long and uncomfortable conversation - but at least he thought it was cool that I was reading comics.


Sea_of_Green said...

Wow. I've had some strange approaches from wearing super-hero t-shirts in public, but nothing like that.

At least the guy was willing to admit he had a drinking problem!

Ben from Arizona said...

Heh... only good story I have to share is when I was wearing my Captain America shield t-shirt and I was in the Gap with my wife and daughters and someone from across the store yells, "Hey, Superman, right?"

I just nodded, said "Yep," and proceeded to wipe my one-year-old's face (just to look busy).

Sounds like you made a good friend, Lisa! Ain't the bus entertaining?!

munkeyboy said...

One night I was in a small town playing pool in a little dive bar when a guy put some quarters on the table to play. We started playing and I noticed he was wearing a Captain America t-shirt. When he noticed me looking at his shirt he stopped shooting, walked around the table and got really close to me and whispered, "I just wanted to let you know that I'm not patriotic. I just like comic books." He gave me a little wink and went back to shooting. That was the extent of our conversation, but he gave me a real nice wink and nod before he left the bar.