Thursday, September 18, 2008

Embrace Change

Marvel is airing these bits during Minor League Baseball games on ESPN2. I'm thinking that for the 95% of the population (a percentage that's probably higher when you reduce it to people who watch baseball games on ESPN2) these ads aren't going to mean squat. It's an interesting idea, and I'm all for advertising. But is this money being well spent? Will the people that see these ads even know why there are Skrulls in the ad, or even what a Skrull is? Will they even care? Will they head over to the web site in the clips and see what the heck it's about?

And really, what IS it all about? Are they attempting to create interest in Secret Invasion (when the series is nearly done) by spoofing the current election catch phrases? Or are they trying to actually give us a political message that they're using comics to convey? Are we once again being force fed certain political views courtesy of the comic book creators, just in time for elections? Is Hillary Clinton going to be sporting a Skrull mask soon? (wait, I think she may really BE a Skrull.)

I think the ads, if played played on something like the Sci-Fi channel or just used as gorilla marketing on "geek" sites might make more sense. It might at least be playing to people who'd check it out. But on ESPN2? I'm sure there are comic fans who are baseball fans - I know several. But overall they have to be a minority.

I know there are lots out there who love this idea. Call me a critic, but I just am not sure that this was money well spent. Interesting marketing given to the wrong market in my opinion. And I don't think it's a coincidence that we're being given a political message right before US election season.

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