Friday, September 12, 2008

Whada Think of This?

We tried something new on the store web site - making the list of incoming books look different. Instead of just a list of titles we now have thumbnails that link to a site that gives more info on the comic. It doesn't lay out quite right yet, and we're working on figuring out what is causing that. But other than that, what do you think of it?

You can look at the new this week and 2 weeks ago lists to see the old way, and the above link shows the trial of the new way.

Edit - the layout appears to now be better. This is how it should look, I think.


Sea_of_Green said...

I like it. It definitely makes it easier, visually, to scan through a comic book list. I always liked using covers in this way, anyway, since the purpose of the cover is to grab reader attention, and covers tempt readers to pick up books that they may not look at otherwise. :-)

Ben from AZ said...

I likes it, I sez.

baron86 said...

I like it alot. When I go into the store and scan titles, it's the cover that grabs my attention.