Monday, December 08, 2008

Some Stuff

Between getting ready for the holidays, having our online connection constantly flake out, and trying to get promoted at work, I have been seriously neglecting my blogy thingy here.

I read over at that ABC is considering making a series out of Fables. UG!! I LOVE Fables. It's a well written comic with fantastic art. It is based on fairy tales, fables, the Grimm stories. They, in my opinion, belong in print, not on the screen. ESPECIALLY not on TV. I am sure a series would ruin the franchise.

Recently it was announced that Diamond Select Toys will be working with Toys R Us to sell some TRU exclusive Star Trek figures in the s tores. Yes, that's the same Diamond that packages up your comics every week to get them to your local comic book retailer. Not a Previews Exlusive toy, not a direct market (that's comic book stores for those of you not familar with industry jargon) exclusive, a big box retailer exclusive. Like Toys R Us needs an exclusive toy to bring business in. They DON'T. Collectors will go to those stores to pick up any of the figures they need at a low price. Now comic book stores often pay a cost from Diamond or other toy maker/distributors that is barely over what major retailers like TRU sell them for on the shelves. In fact there are store owners who will buy the figues from major retailers and just mark them up a bit and sell them in their own stores - at least that way the store owner isn't stuck with a lousy case mix full of some stupid figure no one will buy. What the direct market needs, and can profit on, are exclusive toys that bring in collectors. They'll pay a premium because they can't find that toy on the shelves at the local mega mart. But instead of supporting the little guy, Diamond Select has decided to go for the big guy so that they can, frankly, sell more toys. TRU and the like would buy far more of the figure than the direct market would, making an exclusive to them more profitable for Diamond Select. Now I can't fault them for that. Business is business. But darn it, I do so much prefer it when they try to help the little guy.