Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fun With Licenses

When a pop-culture license makes it's big return the license owners often go a little "overboard" in putting out products with that license's materials/logos/colors/characters, etc on them. Sometimes the items really leave me scratching my head!

Star Trek is one of those pop culture licenses gaining mass popularity again thanks to the new film that opened this week. What crazy items have they put out? Here are a couple that might surprise you as they did me:

Cologne. Yep. Now you can smell like an Enterprise deck-hand. Or a sweaty Captain Kirk. Or a Klingon. What does a Klingon smell like, anyway? The future? Seriously, when you think of Star Trek do you think of a great scent? I sure don't! But Genki Wear, a company known for making pop-culture replica items, is putting out a couple colognes for both men and woman that will have you smelling Trekies. And for only $30 each.

And how about these super cute teddy bears, brought to you courtesy of Vermont Teddy Bears. Nothing like blazing a trail through uncharted space with a cuddly companion. For only $99.95 you can take your very own Kirk or Spock bear to the film with you. All of your friends and those in the theater seats next to you will ALL be jealous!

And speaking of furry fun, I couldn't leave the Diamond Select Toy's Tribble out of the mix. After all, why wouldn't you spend $28 to purchase something that resembles the fur ball your cat just hacked up? And of course it makes noses too! Now if it could learn and evolve, well the world would be a better place now, wouldn't it.

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