Sunday, August 09, 2009

Neptune's Top Sellers, 8/6/09 - 8/11/09

Top Sellers for the Week.

cap reborn 2

This week top sellers in comic books at Neptune:

1. Captain America Reborn #2
2. Amazing Spider-man #601
3. Justice League Cry for Justice #2
4. Hulk #13
5. Invincible Iron Man #16
6. Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #2
7. War of Kings #6
8. Ultimatum X-men Requiem #1
9. Superman World of New Krypton #6
10. Doom Patrol #1


John G said...

Very interesting. I was just at my LCS (Westfield in Madison), and they had Wednesday Comics at the #3 position for last week. Has there been any interest by your customers?

I look forward to seeing the new store now that it's all put together - I was there on opening day: great store that must be only better now!

Lisa said...

We're pretty happy with the new location! It's filled up nicely without being cluttered at all.

Wednesday Comics hasn't been doing that well here. We sell it, but in fairly low numbers. I have heard that it's doing well in a number of other retail comic shops, so we aren't sure what the problem is. Some have complained about price point, others are tired of weeklies, some don't like the size - it can't be easily bagged & boarded.