Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Bother?

Believe it or not, DC Comics Wildstorm imprint is actually going to publish and sell Planetary #27 - the final issue of the series. This issue was at LEAST 3 years in the making. Yes, issue #26 will have come out a good 3 years ago by the time the October 7 sale date for issue #27 comes around. I don't have an exact date - we've upgraded our computer database in that time and I don't have that one in the system anymore.

This kind of lateness/delay is beyond the point of being disgusting. It's entered the realm of Why Bother? Does anyone SERIOUSLY care anymore? Do you even remember what happened in the last issue? Will this final issue, should you choose to spend the $4 to buy it, live up to a 3 year wait, or will it disappoint?

It's a decent series, sure. But not worth what they've put readers through. This series has always been plagued with slow releasing issues. It never appeared that the "talent" working on the title cared enough to bother to get the job done.

At Neptune, if you want this issue you'll have to special order it. We won't rack it. We have no idea who wants it, people have changed their pull lists, moved from the area, moved to the area, etc. so we can't even speculate on the numbers. So please let us know if you want it, otherwise we won't have a copy for you - your wait will continue.

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