Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tomorrow's Comic Books 3/23/05

Lots and lots of stuff coming in tomorrow! Many are reordered trade paperbacks, and the Previews catalogs. But over 40 new titles too!

For a change, there are only a couple of new, #1 titles this month. One is Image Comics' Expatriate #1 written by B. Clay Moore and art by Jason Latour. It's the story of Jack Dexter, a man on the run from the CIA. Apparently he doesn't know why he's on the run exactly, but he knows he CAN'T be caught. It sounds to me to be rather "Bourne-esque" for you Bourne Identity fans, check it out. The other brand new title is Marvel Comics's Spellbinders #1. In this book we meet Kim Vesco, a 15-year-old who has recently moved from Chicago to Salem, MA. At her school there are 2 big gangs, the witches and the non-witches. And both of them want her to join. And to top it all off, someone or something wants her dead. Is she a witch herself- that I'm not sure of at this point.

Other books of note from ongoing titles, that will be coming out tomorrow include:
Amazing Spider-Man #518 : How can you not pick up a book that's been around this long? Army of Darkness Shop Til You Drop Dead #2 is out tomorrow too - the second part of the second series about our hero Ash. I love Batman: Gotham Knights, and #63 will be out tomorrow, I think its one of the better Bat spin-offs right now. Conan #14 will also be out - the Conan readers have continued to grow in number, that usually means its a great book. FINALLY, after MUCH too much delay, New Avengers #4 will be arriving tomorrow. The first 3 issues sold out for us quickly and people were begging for more, hopefully the delays will not turn people off to the adventures of the New Avengers.

X-Men fans, there's plenty new for you too. Excalibur #11, New X-Men #11, Rogue #9, Wolverine Soultaker #2, X-Men #168 and Age of Apocalypse #4 (by the way, we just got word today that #6 is delayed a week).

You movie fans will be glad to know that we're getting Incredibles #4 in tomorrow, as well as a LOT of Star Wars comics, magazines and trade paperbacks. We are also stocking up on Sin City books, and will have a lot coming in this week and next.

Along with all of the re-ordered trade paperback/graphic novels we're expecting, there are some good new releases coming in too: James Bond Casino Royale, Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Captain America, and Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 12.

Manga fans - the last two weeks of the month are prime time for you, as most Manga comes in those last two weeks. This week the new Manga we're expecting include: DN Angle Vol 7, Fruits Basket Vol 8, Fruits Basket Momiji Plush, Gravitation Vol 11, Hellsing Vol 6, Inu Yasha Trading Figures, RG Veda Vol 1, and Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol 12, plus a ton of restocks on popular titles like Yu Yu Hakusho and Tokyo Mew Mew.

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