Friday, October 28, 2005

My how we've changed

We finally finished our little rearranging project, making room for a bunch of great games. So, I had to go back and look at how the store has changed over the almost 2 years... and as you can see, it's been a HUGE change!

The first photo is the day we opened, taken from the back of the store by the register toward the front and side.

The second photo is a few months later, during our first Heroclix tournament. You can see how much space there is in the front!

The third photo is after a year, of the current back issue section of the store and the manga racks we had added. This was taken from the front of the store toward the back and side.

The fourth photo is of the racks we had added for trades and toys. Finally the store looks like it's filling up!

The fifth photo is our growing toy section and clothing sections, probably taken in late winter or early spring of 2005.

The sixth was taken in April of 2005, after we used up our easter vacation to put up new racks. This is the NEW new back issue and new this week section. MUCH better than the magazine rack in photo #3!

The seventh photo is of our new trade paperback rack - well one side of it anyway. It was also taken in April of 2005, from the front of the store towards the register. FULL FRONT DISPLAYS ARE AWESOME!!

The 8th photo was taken today - its our new family section, formerly called Youth, and formerly on the completely opposite end of the store. Now it is right by the front door as you walk in, directly to the right. It also expanded to twice the size it was before!

And the very last photo is of the NEW expanded game section. It's so big now you don't even see all of the games, just the board games and some of the RPG's and Minis are visable. This section is also in the family section of the store, just back from the comics shown in the photo previous.

There you go! The evolution of Neptune Comics. Now we just need more space, or another store!

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