Friday, July 14, 2006

Late to Paint, Act 1

Inside Neptune Comics, track lights and TV sets turned off, computers shutting down, the smell of fresh paint in the air.  Owners Craig and Lisa are preparing to lock up and leave the store for the night.  A man named John, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, with paint on himself, his clothes, and worked deep into the creases of his hands, prepares to leave for the evening as well.  John is a contractor who has been hired by Craig and Lisa to do some remodeling in their store.

John:  I’ll see you guys tomorrow, first thing.  What’s the earliest you can get here?

Craig: The usual time, between 10 and 10:30.

Lisa: Yeah, probably around 10.

John: Ok. I’ll be able to finish the painting then. I’ll see you guys around then tomorrow, first thing.

John exits from the back and Craig sets the store’s alarm.  Lisa and Craig turn out the lights and exit out of the front door.

The next day… Craig and Lisa arrive back at Neptune Comics around 10:35 am.  There is a slow rain and no sign of John, the contractor’s truck.

Lisa: I don’t see John’s truck anywhere. Do you think he’s waiting in the back?

Craig: Did you seriously think he’d be here already?

Lisa: No, I guess not.  But I was kind of hoping he’d be waiting on us, so he’d know what it feels like.

Craig and Lisa unlock the door and prepare for the day’s opening of business.  At 11 am they unlock the door and turn on the open sign.  They both begin sorting through some recent back issue comics they’ve acquired.  Time goes by… at 12:30 there still is no sign of John the contractor.

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Anonymous said...

Our painters must be related... They must've gone to Honest Abe's School of Punctuality.