Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yes, it's an EVIL CONSPIRACY and we're ALL in on it

So, some goof ball on Newsarama makes this post about how comic book retailers and publishers are all ripping off fandom. He actually calls us "criminals!" Click here for his first post, and here for the second post where he shows how he's even MORE clueless.

Well, I simply cannot stand for this kind of blatent idocy! Clearly the guy has no idea of how things actually work in this business. So, I went on a bit of a rant in an attempt to straighten him out. (which I'm sure will be completely futile.)

He INSISTS that he's getting 50% - 75% off of comics at some mail-order shop, and that a shop in his town marks books down to $1 and PROFITS. The guy is NUTS! And he is not the type of guy that you can even have a logical conversation with to explain it. So, obviously there's some kind of evil conspiracy and we're all in on it. Well, except us at Neptune I guess, because I just looked at my invoice and I've not gotten more than 55% off of the retail price of ANYTHING that came out last week.


Von Allan said...

Honestly, I find it a waste of time to feed the trolls. He doesn't know what he's talking about and I have no patience for these kinds of people. Perhaps if he was asking in a fair and open manner, but he had already made his mind up. Whatever.

You're a better person then I am for trying, though!

Anonymous said...

So, obviously he has no interest in understanding how things actually work, but you can kind or work out where he's coming from.

Mail order companies will discount SOME comics (usually first issues) at 50-75%, but most comics are discounted in the 35-40% range. He's obviously not counting shipping costs. Are they selling these 75% off issues at a loss? Yes, in the hope that they'll hook buyers into the rest of the series.

Also, dumping eveything in the $1 box after six months is, I think, a fairly widespread practice. I beleive Brian Hibbs talks about doing exactly that in one of his columns.

So basically, he exaggerates on the discount, and his anger is, to say the least, misplaced, but not all his facts are completely made up.