Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What you've Been Waiting For

There wasn't too much that I could really complain about in terms of lateness. In fact, Walking Dead #33 is shipping a mere 2 weeks after issue #32, rather than 8 weeks after, as has been the case with this comic book. Of course I'm still miffed about Civil War being delayed again, (see post from last week) but I ranted on that one pretty hard, so I won't bore you with it again.

Desolation Jones #7 came out on October 18, and we're seeing #8 this week. That's a delay, but much better than the gap between #6 & #7 was, so I can't complain too much.

If you feel like you haven't seen an issue of Witchblade in a while, you haven't. Issue 101 came out back on September 20, so it's been over 2 months. But finally issue #102 should show up tomorrow.

DC's comic about a female attorney by day who fights crime at night: Manhunter, is back out. I can't really call issue #26 late though, even though there's been nearly a 4 month gap between it and issue 25. DC was actually going to cancel the series, but fans worked hard to get more people to pick it up, sales went up a bit, and after lots of begging the fans won and DC said they wouldn't end Manhunter with issue #25, but they would have to take a short break. So, technically while you've been waiting for a new issue of this comic, it is not late.

Stargate Atlantis Wraithfall IS late however. Avatar is a publisher quite well known in the direct market for its inability to put anything out on a monthly schedule. Go find issue #1, because #2 is FINALLY coming out, after a 4-month wait.

If you were reading Dark Horse's Star Wars Rebellion and thought you missed issue #5, which ended that story arc, fear not, you did not miss it. Sure, issue #4 came out July 19th, so it's only natural that you thought you must have missed it. Lucky for you it's finally coming out, so you can, at long last, find out how that part of the story ends.

There you go. This week's biggest delays.

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