Sunday, January 07, 2007

Anniversary Party - Success

We had a great time at our anniversary party this year. Our cake was a hit - we ran out by 3 pm, so next year we'll have to do smaller pieces or a bigger cake. I didn't think the pieces were huge, so I'm leaning towards a larger cake. The photos above are the cake at 10:30 am - before we opened, then a little after 2 pm - after the large rush was over.

We did 45% of our business in the first two hours! Then it got a little quieter and was at a more manageable pace - we had a line from around 11:20 - 12. There were still some of the give-away graphic novels left, but we did give out a lot. Everyone was very supportive and we saw some people who haven't been in for a while.

Craig was in charge of taking pictures, except for the cake, which I took. Unfortunately Craig should NOT have been put in charge of taking pictures, but didn't tell me that, and no pictures were taken. It's a shame because we had some nice crowds and it would have been nice to have pictures of that.

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