Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cold Fingers

Once again our heat isn't working properly. It's been fairly mild - in the 40's and even a couple of 50's the past several weeks, so we really haven't needed the heat. Of course today it's in the low 30's and we can feel it! Especially when we get in early to do our new comic book stuff and the sun has barely had time to warm things up. That darn land lord of ours is just too cheap to replace our furnace. There are a few others here in the strip mall he owns that also have chronic heat problems. The guy insists that 20 years is NOT old for a furnace - in Wisconsin - and one that's outside 24/7 365. I think the's very wrong, as is evidenced by the failing heaters in everyone's units. Darn land lords!!! If we had the money sitting around I'd just buy a replacement and send him a copy of the bill and demand that he reimburse us. We have a few customers who are lawyers, and I'm sure one of them would write a letter or something if we needed it.

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