Thursday, March 29, 2007

Star Wars Stamps

Did I mention yet that the USPS is making Star Wars stamps? Well, it's true. They've really been generous with us comic book "geeks" lately, with DC stamps last year and now Marvel stamps coming AND Star Wars stamps.

You will also notice that the price on these stamps is $.41. Yep, another postal rate hike. Anyone want to make a guess as to when we'll hit $.50?? I'm saying April 1, 2010. They're also making a "forever" stamp that will have no price and people buy them at the current rate and can use them even if the prices go up. While this might sound good at first - locking in a rate and not having to buy $.02 stamps every time the raise the price, there is an unintended consequence - this stamp also makes it easier for the postal service to raise rates because they don't have to make new stamps every time and supply the $.02 stamps.

Anyway, back to Star Wars stamps. They look REALLY cool and you can vote on your favorite by clicking here.

They are also making Star Wars envelopes for their Express Mail services. You can buy pre-paid 3-packs starting April 6th. This is smart of them - having to also buy the postage will prevent people from just taking the free, cool looking envelopes. Click here to see what they look like.

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